TAX 221: Nigeria Legal System II

Learning Outcomes

After a successful completion of this course, student should be able to:

  1. explain the customary and English law;
  2. describe the roles of the Judiciary and trace the history and development of the Court;
  3. appraise the appointment and tenure of judges in Nigeria;
  4. describe customary court of appeal, sharia court of appeal, tribunals etc; and
  5. Distinguish between various courts in Nigeria.
Course Contents

Reception and application of English Law 1861 – 1960. Customary Law. Role of the Judiciary and History and Development of the Courts. Legal Aid and advice. Legal professional. Legal education in Nigeria. Superior and Inferior Court of Records. Appointment and tenure of Judges, Customary Courts of Reception in Nigeria. Superior and Inferior Courts of Record. Appointment and Tenure of Judges, Customary Court of Appeal, Sharia Court of Appeal, and tribunals (add thing relevant).