TAX 422: Tax Audit and Investigation II

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. outline the process of interview technique, preparation for interview and how to manage the       interview process;
  2. identify tax Audit Evidence, nature of tax audit evidence, Techniques and Procedure;
  3. state the statutory powers of the tax auditors;
  4. identify the relationship between Tax auditors and the relevant Tax Auditors; and
  5. distinguish between Audit and Investigation.
Course Contents

Interview Techniques. Preparation for interviews, managing the interview process. Documentation of minutes. Human relations aspect of field interview. Tax Audit Evidence, Techniques and Procedure. Nature of tax audit evidence. Relevance and reliability of tax audit evidence. Tax audit techniques, inspections, observation, enquiry. Independent confirmation. Computation and checks sampling techniques, Reliance on the work of other auditor, including statutory auditors.

Statutory Powers of the tax Auditors: Powers to obtain information. Power to enter premises Power to obtain third party confirmation from bank, etc. Tax Auditor and the Relevant Tax Authorities. Tax auditor and FIRS. Tax auditor and SBIR. Tax auditor and Local government Revenue Committee.