212: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate basic knowledge of the concepts of cryptocurrencies;
  2. identify the blockchain technology and their possible applications in businesses;
  3. apply skills on security measures, and other types of services that may allow people to trade and transact with Bitcoins;
  4. recognise the role of anonymity and privacy in Bitcoin ecosystem; and
  5. display skills for applications of Blockchain in real world scenario.
Course Contents

Definition of crypto or virtual currency. Nature of cryptocurrency and cryptoassets. Value of cryptocurrency. Nature and process of Blockchain; Applications of Cryptocurrency. Benefits of Cryptocurrency. Concepts of Bitcoin. Role of anonymity and privacy in Bitcoin ecosystem, Altcoins, Smart contract, Other cryptoassets. Methods of crypto assets storing Bitcoin keys. e- Naira, nature, process and the e-naira wallet. Distinction between Bitcoin and e-naira. Challenges and Legal framework of cryptocurrencies.