SIM 322: Investment of Pensions funds in Nigeria

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, Student should be able to:-

  1. display appreciation of the concept, principles and history of pension;
  2. develop understanding of the implication of the Nigerian Pension Reform Act;
  3. expound on the pension policies in Nigeria: its processes, promises and perils as well as the future of investment of the pension funds;
  4. identify types and roles of the PFAs; and
  5. articulate and appreciate the determinants of pension funds’ investments.
Course Contents

Basic concept of pension and its elements. The Nigeria Pension Reform Act. The pension commission. The Nigerian pension industry –Identification of important groups of institutional investors – pension schemes, Pension fund Administrators (PFAs and their functions), Assets under management of pension schemes. The investment of pension funds, promises and challenges. The determinants of pension funds investment such as interest rate, internal control system, etc. Investment of pension assets under the new contributory pension scheme. The future of the pension industry.