SIM 324: Research Methods

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course the students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate understanding of the concepts and processes in scientific research;
  2. develop research design, literature review process, instruments;
  3. conduct data collection process, data presentation and analysis;
  4. display skills for preparing report and making presentations.
Course Contents

Basic concepts in scientific enquiry. Scientific research concepts. Theories, Laws, hypothesis and research design, scope and limitation of research; length and nature of study;. Principle of causality and constructs development. Research proposal; choosing a research topic, analysis of problem. Hypothesis formulation. Review of literature, conceptualisation of problems, models. Sample size and Sampling techniques. Methods of data collection (research tools), Sources of data, Questionnaire design, Observation, interview etc. surveys, experiments, ex- factor motivation research uses of limitations. Data analysis, interpretation and measurement. Reliability and validity, measurement, scaling types, and quasi statistical initiative analysis. Hypothesis testing. Data presentation. Report writing, types of report, thesis, dissertation, term paper etc. Charts, tables, diagrams etc. Bibliography and references. Relevant software applications for data analysis. Business Research in Nigeria: Scope, problems and prospects.