SIM 411: Practice of Stock broking and Regulation of Securities

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the students should be able to:

  1. explain general rules guiding registrations; securities exchanges and transactions on exchanges;
  2. apply knowledge on the rules and regulations of capital market;
  3. explain how to calculate transaction costs in the capital market
  4. appraise the implementation of guidelines on prevention of money laundering; and
  • evaluate general misconducts as well as other offences concerning stockbroking and securities.
Course Contents

General rules on registrations. Securities exchanges and transactions on exchanges. Regulations on distribution of public securities, public offer, trading on rights, private placement. Regulation of conduct of securities business, rules on regulations. Regulation of capital market operators. Capital raising on the primary market, methods of listing.

Trading on the security market. Rules and regulations governing dealing members of the stock exchange. Guidelines on prevention of money laundering for capital market. Clearing, delivery, settlement, documentation and corporate actions. Transaction costs and documentation. Depositories services, market misconduct and offences. Take overs and mergers and share repurchases taxation.