IRS 207: New States in World Politics

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. explain how the collapse of imperial rule in Asia and African Countries paved way for the emergence of new states;
  2. identify the forms of government in the New States;
  3. explain the formulation of development plans in the new states;
  4. state the demand for a New International Economic Order that will be favourable to the Third World Countries; and
  5. analyse the reasons why the New States go for foreign loans and Aids.
Course Contents

The collapse of imperial rule in Asian and African countries. Forms of government in the new states, their main preoccupations, their role in international order; U.N., international law, international military order, international economic order, international morality; their role as producers or consumers of international order. The contemporary new statehood, neutralism and nonalignment, imperialism and neo-colonialism. The demand for a new International Economic Order (NIECO) to enable them queue into the international capitalist system dominated by the Western powers. Contracting foreign loans and Aids for development projects. Development planning to achieve development goals within stated periods.