SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. distinguish between the two revolutions of the 18th century;
  2. discuss the founding fathers and the emergence of sociology as a discipline;
  3. identify the basic analysis and description of social structure and dynamics of human society;
  4. explain the relationships between sociology and other social sciences;
  5. define the basic terms and concepts of sociology, culture and the processs of socialisation; and
  6. define key concepts in sociological discurse.
Course Contents

Analysis of the connection between the Industrial and Political revolutions which occurred in the 18th century, the attempts by the founding fathers of Sociology to produce a science of society and emergence of Sociology. The difference between sociology and other social science subjects; Introduction to basic concepts of Sociological analysis such as roles, status, society, culture, culture contact and many others: The social structure and its dynamics: The process of socialisation and use of its products to channel behaviour towards certain directions while barring others simultaneously.