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The philosophy of the Science discipline is to train graduates who will apply scientific approach through verifiable and reproducible methodologies to solving developmental needs of the society.

The main objectives of Science Discipline are to:
1. provide students with scientific knowledge and skills from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized and/or multi- disciplinary areas;
2. provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of scientific knowledge and practical skills as may be applicable in their different programmes;
3. develop in students the ability to apply scientific knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems;
4. develop in students, a range of transferable skills that are of value in any employment and society they might find themselves;
5. provide, through training and orientation, an appreciation of the rewards inherent in inter and multi- disciplinary approach to the solution of complex life problems; and
6. engender in students an appreciation of the fact that no nation can develop without science and its application.



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Dean's Welcome Message

Dean's Welcome Message

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