MCB 423: Industrial Microbiology



Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
1. explain the scope of industrial microbiology and biotechnology;
2. identify industrial media composition, preparation and sources, commonly used
microorganisms in industrial microbiology;
3. describe primary and secondary metabolites production and gene regulation;
4. identify sources and methods of strain improvements;
5. describe culture collection centers and preservation methods; and
6. explain fermentor design and operation

Course Contents
Microorganisms used in industrial microbiology. Screening for productive strains. Strain
improvement. Fermentation systems. Design and use of fermenters. Micro-organisms of industrial
importance. Patent and intellectual property rights. Classification of microbial products by use.
Relationship between primary and secondary metabolism. Characteristics, sources and strain
improvement of industrial micro-organisms. Microbial preservation of industrial organisms.
Culture collections. Microbial growth and product formation in industrial processes. Media for
industrial fermentations. Foaming, Major products of Industrial Microbiology. Enzyme production
and immobilization. Production of vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, organic acids, beer and wine.