INS 497: Final Year Project I




Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the project, students should be able to:

1. identify researchable project topics in information systems;
2. search and review literature pertinent to identified problem statements;
3. acknowledge and reference sources of information used in this research report;
4. conceptualise and design a research methodology to address an identified problem;
5. determine tools for analysing data collected based on research objectives;
6. write a coherent report on research conducted; and
7. work independently to accomplish a research project with the guidance of the research

Course Contents
An independent or group investigation development of an information system to address a
business problem under the supervision of a lecturer. Before registering, the student must
submit a written proposal to the supervisor to review. The proposal should give a brief outline
of the project, estimated schedule of completion, and computer resources needed. A formal
written report is essential and an oral presentation may also be required. At the end of the
semester, the introduction, literature review and methodology employed should be submitted
for grading.