INS 401: Project Management



Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. describe project management planning;
2. describe project scheduling;
3. explain management of project resources;
4. discuss project procurement, monitoring and execution;
5. explain project communication and time management;

Course Contents

Introduction to Project Management. The Project Management Lifecycle. Project Execution,
Control and Closure. Project management and systems development or acquisition. The
project management context, technology and techniques. Project management processes.
Managing Project Teams: Project team planning, Leadership in project management. Power
and conflict in project teams. Communication among project stakeholders. Scope
management. Managing Project Scheduling: Common problems in project scheduling.
Resource management. Project quality management. Managing project risk and tools for
managing project risk. Managing Project Procurement: Alternatives to systems development,
External acquisition, Outsourcing-domestic and offshore, Steps in the procurement process.
Project auditing