CSC 301: Data Structures



Learning Outcomes
At the end of this Course, students should be able to:
1. discuss the appropriate use of built-in data structures;
2. apply object-oriented concepts (inheritance, polymorphism, design patterns, etc.) in software design;
3. implement various data structures and their algorithms, and apply them in implementing simple applications;
4. choose the appropriate data structure for modelling a given problem;
5. analyse simple algorithms and determine their efficiency using big-O notation; and
6. apply the knowledge of data structures to other application domains like data compression and memory management.

Course Contents
Primitive types, Arrays, Records Strings and String processing, Data representation in memory, Stack and Heap allocation, Queues, TREES. Implementation Strategies for stack, queues, trees. Run time Storage management; Pointers and References, linked structures.
Lab work: Writing C+/C++ functions to perform practical exercises and implement using the algorithms on arrays, records, string processing, queues, trees, pointers and linked structures.