INS 204: Systems Analysis and Design



Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. describe system requirements gathering techniques;
2. explain data modelling technique (entity relationship modelling);
3. explain process modelling technique (data flow diagram);
4. describe system architectural design;
5. describe process and database design; and
6. explain user interface design.

Course Contents
Structured approach to analysis and design of information systems for businesses. Software development life cycle. Structured top-down and bottom-up design. Dataflow diagramming. Entity relationship modelling. Computer aided software engineering. Input and output, prototyping design and validation. File and database design. Design of user interfaces. Comparison of structured and object-oriented design
Lab Work: system requirements gathering techniques;data modelling techniques (entity relationship modelling);process modelling techniques (data flow diagram); use of UML diagrams; system architectural design; user interface design.