SEN401: Software Configuration Management & Maintenance



Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. state the importance of software configuration management;
2. explain the typical processes in software configuration management; and
3. describe the key issues in software maintenance

Course Contents
Management of the software configuration management process – organisation context for software configuration management, constraints and guidance for software configuration

management process. Planning for software configuration management, software configuration management plan, and surveillance of software configuration management. Software configuration identification and software library. Software configuration control – requesting, evaluating and approving software changes, implementing software changes, and deviations and waivers. Software configuration status accounting – software configuration status information and reporting. Software configuration auditing. Key issues in software maintenance – technical issues, management issues, maintenance cost estimation, and software maintenance measurement. Maintenance process – maintenance processes and activities. Techniques for maintenance – program comprehension, re-engineering, reverse engineering, migration, and retirement.
Lab Work: Practical demonstration of software configuration management processes. Working with software configuration management software. Illustration of software maintenance processes and activities. Working with software maintenance software. Illustration of software re-engineering and reverse engineering techniques.