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The philosophy underlying the programmes of the Social Sciences is to produce graduates imbued with the ability to understand and make contribution to the development of Nigeria and the global Community. The Social Sciences have the mission to foster an understanding of the rapidly changing world including issues of globalisation and a ‘borderless world’ as well as relationships between various ‘worlds’. This broad objective can be achieved by equipping students with a solid foundation as well as specialized knowledge in a particular discipline; prepare graduates to meet the human resources needs; create in graduates entrepreneurial knowledge; ability to apprehend current changes as well as a sense of public responsibility and a spirit of self-reliance.



Accordingly, Social Sciences training should:

  1. develop the student’s understanding of social problems at the various levels of the

Nigerian and global society;

  1. develop in the student the ability for objective and critical judgment and to observe, understand, analyse and synthesize socio-economic, political and environmental problems using Social Sciences methods and techniques;
  2. create an enabling environment for desirable behavioural change which would help the student to develop values that are in consonance with hard work, probity, commitment, discipline and patriotism; and
  3. enable the graduate of the Social Sciences to fit into various fields of human endeavour both in the private and public sectors of the economy and equip him/her with entrepreneurial skills and a sense of self-reliance.




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Dean's Welcome Message

Dean's Welcome Message

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