SIM 213: Business Information Systems

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. appreciate the concept, structure and significance of Information systems;
  2. develop adequate skills and knowledge on how managers can and should be involved with management information systems;
  3. demonstrate skills of using Information systems in business Planning, development and Implementation;
  4. display ability to identify information systems resources available to managers for decision support;
  5. identify how these resources can be used at all levels of functional management; and
  6. explain how information technology can be used to facilitate general operations of the organization.
Course Contents

Introduction to Information System. End User Computing (EUC). Fundamentals of Data Processing –brief history and conventional data processing methods. Manual methods and mechanized methods. Classification of systems and their relative merits. Closed loop and open loop systems: effect on time-lag. The total system approach and objectives; total systems and subsystems. Information system resources. Information, Management and Decision Making. Information System and Strategy.