CYB 406: Deep and Dark Web Security




Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. review Deep and Dark web terminologies;
2. describe how to access the Deep web and the Dark web with complete ease and total
3. investigate advanced and famous websites located on the Hidden Web (Deep and Dark
4. plan, trade, buy, sell as well as mining cryptocurrencies;
5. discuss the dangers as well as precautions to be taken care of while surfing the Web, and
how to use Darknet E-mail services;
6. appraise how to anonymously access the Darknet and TOR hidden services (onion
services), and how to enter the dark web while staying safe and avoid the bad side of the
dark web; and
7. report on the best sites to visit while on the Dark web and Deep web.

Course Contents
Dark web, deep web, clear net. Tor Onion, Silk Road. How to get on the dark web. Users of
dark and deep web. Invisible Web Search Engines. Privacy and anonymity as core values of
the darknet. Decentralisation on the dark web. Accessing the Deep web and the Dark web
through the TOR browser. Web security. Cryptocurrencies. Overview on Dark Web and Deep
Web. The Hidden side/area of the web. Deep/Dark Web Anonymity, TOR, Hidden services,
TAILS, Web Security, Cryptocurrencies. Crypto Trading and Cryptomining. Cryptocurrencies,
Anonymity & Security. How to install a VPN, and adequate browsers like Chrome, Opera, or
Firefox with tracking technologies. How Does the Dark Web Work? Reasons for Accessing the
Dark Web. Security issues of Dark and Deep web. How to use the Tor over VPN method –
Session logs storage. Encryption of traffic. Protection against malicious Tor exit nodes. How
to use Tor over VPN – bypass blocked Tor nodes, ISP visibility in accessing onion content,
susceptible to end-to-end timing attacks. Tor alternatives such as I2P,, Orbot,
Globus Secure Browser, Comodo Ice Dragon and FreeNet. Cons and Pros of Tor. Use of virtual
machine software. Navigating the Dark Web. The Hidden Wiki as Wikipedia’s evil twin. Search
engines such as DuckDuckGo, Torch, the triple-W Virtual Library, Uncensored Hidden Wiki,
and ParaZite. Commercial services. Email clients. Darknet version of social media and instant
messaging – Zuckerberg’s Facebook, BlackBook, Torbook, Campfire, MadIRC Chat Server.
Safety on the dark web. Inside the dark and deep web. The Best Sites and Services on the
Dark Web. Deep web radio. Benefits of Deep and Dark web. Cyber Threats and Dangers on
the Deep/DarkWeb. How to fight hackers underground. Dark web and Deep web monitoring.
Lab work: Install your VPN. Practice how to access the Deep web and the Dark web with
enhanced security. Investigate advanced and famous websites located on the Deep and Dark
Web. Practically learn how to anonymously access the darknet and TOR hidden services (onion
services), and how to enter the dark web while staying safe. Try to visit the best sites and
buy an educational resource.