CYB 497: Final Year Project I



Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. identify a researchable project topic in cybersecurity, work on the introductory aspect,
under the guidance of the supervisor;
2. review relevant recent literature pertinent to identified problem statement and establish
the research gap;
3. acknowledge and reference sources of information used in the research report;
4. conceptualise and design a research methodology to address an identified problem;
5. determine tools for analysing data collected based on research objectives;
6. write a coherent proposal on the research project to be conducted; and
7. orally present the written project proposal.

Course Contents
An independent or group investigation of appropriate cybersecurity related problems carried
out under the supervision of a lecturer. The student must submit a written proposal to the
supervisor to review. The proposal should give a brief outline of the project with the statement
of problem, aim, objectives, scope, significance, research gap, proposed research
methodology, estimated schedule of completion, and resources needed. A formal written
report is essential and an oral presentation may also be required.
Topics from emerging trends such as applications in artificial intelligence, steganography,
quantum computing, big data, cloud security, ethical hacking, cyber hunting, internet security,
penetration testing, network intrusion and prevention, threat management, cybersecurity risk
mitigation in the cloud, biometrics, digital image processing, Blockchain, quantum computing,
edge computing, Internet of Things, 5G security, etc.