CYB 498: Final Year Project II



Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the project, students should be able to:
1. conduct research methodology, analyse collected data, document the project report using
the recommended format, and referencing style;
2. develop the prototype or simulated model of research study along with the programming
aspect, if required;
3. produce the report; and
4. prepare the PowerPoint presentation and defend the project in the final oral examination
in the presence of the external examiner.

Course Contents

This is a continuation of CYB 497. This includes the research methodology, analysis of data
using statistical tools, performance evaluation, standard documentation of the project,
referencing style, programming of the prototype/simulation model, plagiarism and grammarly
check, and PowerPoint presentation skill. The formal written report made up of chapters four
and five approved by the supervisor will be submitted to the Department for final grading. An
oral presentation is required.