CSC 402: Ethics and Legal Issues in Computer Science

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. state laws and regulations related to ethics;
  2. identify and explain relevant codes of ethics for computing practice;
  3. identify social and ethical issues in different areas of computing practice;
  4. review real-life ethical cases and be able to develop ethical resolutions and policies;
  5. explain the consequences of ignoring and non-compliance with ethical provisions; and
  6. develop a sound methodology in resolving ethical conflicts and crisis.

    Course Contents
    Addresses social, ethical, legal and managerial issues in the application of Computer Science
    to the information technology industry. Through seminars and case studies, human issues
    confronting Computer Science graduates will be addressed. Topics include managerial and
    personal ethics, computer security, privacy, software reliability, personal responsibility for the
    quality of work, intellectual property, environment and health concerns, and fairness in the