VC’s Welcome Address

Welcome Address by the Vice Chancellor

A very hearty welcome to Rayhaan University, Birnin Kebbi. The opportunity to study at this University and the choice you have made for that purpose are well- cherished by both the Proprietor and the University Management. Rayhaan University is here to provide you with the most conducive academic learning environment that will empower you to utilise your talents to the best, both in academic and practical terms. The University is poised to prepare you for the realities of the ever-changing employment and labour market. More importantly, the digital and entrepreneurial learning and teaching space will further prepare you as prospective creators of wealth and even functional employers of labour.

At Rayhaan Univerisity, we place great emphasis on internationalizing tertiary education that is driven by contemporary realities in order to provide workable solutions to the challenges facing societies, whether at the micro or macro levels and also whether local, regional or global in nature. Today’s world requires well- educated and professionally trained graduates with relevant practical experience in specific areas of their trainings. This knowledge-driven premise underscores the premium we place on our academic programmes in the University.

Furthermore, our academic programmes are not only leveraged on the standards prescribed by the National Universities Commission (NUC), but are at the same time also benchmarked with international best practices in tertiary education in order to fully prepare our students for the wider digital world. To this end, we utilise the best practical learning and teaching delivery methods, including action- based research and problem-solving approaches that place students at the centre of the learning environment. These innovative delivery methods also emphasize student-centered learning scenarios, hands-on skills training and versatility with electronic learning and study processes.

Rayhaan University has been able to attract some of the top-flight scholars and practicing academics within and outside the country- supported with advanced digital facilities and up-to-date resources comparable to any other leading University in its category. At this University, we hope to keep improving our learning and teaching environment to provide the best for our students. Our ultimate goal is to produce well-rounded graduates who are competent, practical, resourceful and result-oriented in their academic pursuits and outlook of life. This is in addition to professing high ethical and moral standards to support their academic achievements.

If you desire a learning and teaching environment that is both local and global in perspective and one that will also prepare you to function optimally in the increasingly globalized world, then you have not only made the right choice, but you are at the correct location here at Rayhaan University, Birnin Kebbi.

I therefore wholeheartedly invite you to browse our web site, call or visit the University to see for yourself our readiness and commitment to deliver quality education to you. Your decision to join Rayhaan University will not only be a rewarding learning experience, but would equally be a worthwhile knowledge acquisition process.
I look forward to welcoming you on Campus.