CSS 302: Theoretical Perspectives on Security

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. analyse various definitions of security;
  2. discuss theoretical perspectives on security and security sector;
  • identify the agencies in security sector;
  • explain the functions of security agencies;
  • discuss the structure and functions of security agencies in Nigeria; and
  • apply theoretical perspectives of security to explaining and managing contemporary security challenges in Nigeria.
Course Contents

Nature of social order. Evolution and definitions of the concept of security – state-centric and human-centric approaches. Human security framework. Significance of security. Micro and macro perspectives. Theories on security in inter-state and world politics. Types of security at community and national levels. Concept and composition of security sector. State and non-state security providers. Nexus between security and development. Key security agencies in Nigeria.

Functions of security agencies in Nigeria. Security challenges in Nigeria, performance and challenges of security agencies in Nigeria. Contemporary threats and manifestations of insecurity in Nigeria and application of theories for their explanation and management.