PCR 105: Introduction to Political Science

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. discuss key concepts in political science such as politics, power, authority, influence, state, nation and many others);
  2. explain the nature, form and character of politics;
  3. appreciate the contributions of the founding/leading scholars of political science;
  4. differentiate between political science as a field of study and politics as an art or practise;
  5. explain the relationship among the various concepts in political science and many others; and
  6. discuss the relationship between political science and other fields of study (other social sciences, humanities and the natural sciences).
Course Contents

The nature of politics and how it is played. It emphasizes the issues of political discourse and practice. The language and basic concepts of Politics. The student is later introduced to the methods of Political Science. Key themes here include approaches to the study of politics. The ‘science’ or ‘art’ of the discipline. Nation, state and society. Power, authority and influence, constitution and constitutionalism, political culture and political socialisation, and many others.