BIO 101: General Biology I



Learning Outcomes
At the end of lectures, students should be able to:
1. explain cells structures and organisations;
2. summarize functions of cellular organelles;
3. characterize living organisms and state their general reproduction;
4. describe the interrelationship that exists between organisms;
5. discuss the concept of heredity and evolution; and
6. enumerate habitat types and their characteristics.

Course Contents
Cell structure and organisation, functions of cellular organelles. characteristics and classification
of living things. chromosomes, genes; their relationships and importance. general reproduction.
interrelationships of organisms (competitions, parasitism, predation, symbiosis, commensalisms,
mutualism, saprophytism). heredity and evolution (introduction to Darwinism and Lamarkism,
Mendelian laws, explanation of key genetic terms). elements of ecology and types of habitat.