MCB 231: Basic Techniques in Microbiology



Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students will be exposed to
1. the following techniques for the isolation of bacteria from soil, water, food and air;
2. process for obtaining pure cultures of bacteria and fungi;
3. techniques for the characterization and identification of bacterial isolates;
4. methods of bacteria enumeration; and
5. methods for the preservation of isolates and methods for culturing anaerobic bacteria

Course Contents
Culturing of micro-organisms. Preparation of media for microbial growth. Isolation of pure
culture. Streaking, pour plates etc. Subculturing procedures. Staining techniques for
differentiation of micro-organisms. Enumeration of micro-organisms, direct and indirect
procedures. Identification of micro-organisms to include colonial and cellular morphology and
biochemical procedures. Identification of bacteria should also include the use of serological
techniques, antibiotic sensitivity discs and agar-in well methods. The use of anaerobic jar for
growth of anaerobic organisms. Methods of preservation (agar slants, frequent subculturing,
refrigeration and use of deep freezers, lyophilisation, storage in liquid nitrogen) of microbial