MCB 482: Virology & Tissue Culture



Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
1. identify virus classification;
2. describe replication and cytopathic effects;
3. discuss isolation, cultivation, purification and assay of viruses;
4. explain culture of viruses in egg yolk, egg white, chicken embryo, monoclonal antibodies; and
5. describe maintenance of plant and animal cells in-vivo

Course Contents
Structure, properties and classification of viruses. Principles of isolation, cultivation and
maintenance of plant and animal cells in vivo. Application of cell culture technique in virology;
viruses as agents of diseases in animals.General characteristics of plant, animal and bacterial
viruses. Viral replication, spread and cytopathic effects. Virus classification, purification and assay.
Regulation of lytic development and maintenance of the lysogenic state in bacteriophages
lambda, P2 and 14 single stranded DNA and RNA phageviroids as pathogens.