MCM 401 & 402: Research Project

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students will

  1. identify a social problem from a communication perspective;
  2. review conceptual and empirical literature to identify a gap the study will fill
  3. operationalise concepts;
  4. apply necessary theories for explaining the problem;
  5. identify and apply the appropriate methods for data gathering;
  6. analyse and present findings using tables, graphs and the measures of central tendency; also use of themes for qualitative data;
  7. discuss findings in line with literature and theories;
  8. interpret findings; and
  9. write publishable feature/produce a professional project.
Course Contents

Each student is required to select, in consultation with the supervisor a topic/problem and study this in detail, apply necessary theories/concepts and appropriate methods. Students are expected to initiate and execute a project following the steps in the research process, or do a feature of some other place that is professional-oriented and publishable.